[ps2id id=’scroll-down’ target=”/]The Hispanic Society of America’s renowned library offers unrivaled resources for researchers interested in the history and culture of Spain, Portugal, and the Americas. The collections of the Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books are among the most extensive outside Spain, containing more than 250,000 manuscripts, documents, and letters dating from the 11th to 20th centuries, along with 30,000 books printed before 1830, which include some 250 incunabula (books printed before 1500). In addition to rare books, the Hispanic Society maintains a modern research library on the literature, fine arts, geography, history, and cultures of Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and the Philippines, now comprising over 300,000 volumes plus 1,500 periodicals dating from the 19th century up to the present.

The library continues to work on its online catalogue, and new acquisitions are integrated on a daily basis into this database, which currently holds more than 30,000 records.

A maximum of ten modern books may be requested per day. Rare books (before 1830) are limited to five per day unless the researcher has made a prior appointment and arrangement with the curator.

Appointments are required for the study of manuscripts, unique copies of printed books, and atlases.
Although the collection is non-circulating and not available for interlibrary loan, digital copies can be provided for a fee. We do not photocopy items from the collection.
All requests to study and/or publish manuscripts or other unique material must be approved by the Hispanic Society.
Contact the LIBRARY.