HSM&L Kids
Hey Kids! Welcome to HSM&L Kids, Enjoy neat art activities to go with the really cool, really awesome, really interesting, really not boring, really beautiful pictures and sculptures in our Museum and Library Collections.
Puzzles for the Whole Family

Go ahead and give it a try – our puzzles drawn from our collection’s highlights may be the entertainment of your day, enjoy them with your family or by yourself and learn about our objects one piece at a time…

 HSM&L Puzzles for Kids

 HSM&L Puzzles for the Whole Family

Art Activities for Kids

Workshop for Kids:

Learn how to make a picture like the boys and girls in ancient Greece and Rome and China did, out of MOSAICS (little pieces of colored glass and ceramics, like broken-up plates). You can learn to do COLLAGE, CUTOUTS, draw a DRAWING or PAINT a painting like you do in school, but with the help of a picture or sculpture by a famous artist in our museum.

Art For Kids:

Join local artists, in collaboration with international students, to create your own masterpiece inspired by pieces from the Hispanic Society’s collections.

Workshop for Kids: Holy Week Collage

Workshop for Kids: Cinco de Mayo

Workshop for Kids: Father’s day

Art For Kids: Landscape – Paper Mountain

Art For Kids: Photographic Still Life

Art For Kids: Animals at home

Color Your Day with HSM&L Kids

A coloring book you can download and print at home and add your own colors to our iconic paintings and drawings.
To download PDF, click here