Concert Series

The 2021-2022 Concert Series “Flamenco” will consist of four intimate concerts performed by singers, dancers and musicians from Spain and the USA. The performances are inspired by paintings and sketches of dancers held in the collections of the Hispanic Society, in particular by the works of Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida (1863-1923), one of Spain’s greatest painters.  Each show will feature different artists on stage, both from Seville (Spain), and the USA. The latter has become home to many interesting and excellent flamenco artists, thereby demonstrating that flamenco, from its origins in the south of Spain, has become a universal art form, an inclusive and diverse form of art.

This program has been organized in collaboration with the Fundacion de Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and New York State Council on the Arts.



February, 2022


The first concert will explore the Café Cantante, a typical Spanish night-club of the time, where different kinds of artists would meet and perform. While searching for inspiration for their works, Sorolla and many other artists visited the various Café Cantantes. This show seeks to recreate the ambience, music and dances of that specific period which differ slightly from the flamenco of today, and bring to life one of the greatest flamenco dancers of all times, Pastora Imperio.

March, 2022


This concert will pay tribute to another of the greatest flamenco dancers, Juana La Macarrona, who mesmerized audiences with her passion, strength and incredible beauty.

April, 2022


This will be performed by a duo, a gypsy flamenco singer, Esperanza Fernández, and a guitarist, Paco Cortés, who will perform different styles of flamenco song to recreate the intimate and touching moment seen in works in the Hispanic Society’s Collections.


May,  2022


The fourth concert, which will close the series, will be based on our famous painting  El Baile (Cruz de Mayo). This painting from 1915 forms part of Sorolla’s monumental work, “Vision of Spain” at the Hispanic Society. The Cruz de Mayo, or May Cross, is a typical festive moment in Andalusia, in which the patios of houses are adorned with flowers and the women, dressed in beautiful flamenco dresses with embroidered shawls, participate in traditional dances. This concert will recreate the atmosphere of a private party in Seville at the beginning of the 20th century, with special attention paid to the costumes, accessories, and, in particular, to the festive, joyful music and dances.