Visitor Guidelines
  • Face masks are required for all visitors older than age 2. Social distancing is required and enforced.
  • Visitors may not touch any of the objects on display, including furniture.
  • Chewing gum, food and beverages are prohibited.
  • Smoking is not permitted.
  • The use of radios or any other music devices, cell phones, text messaging and internet devices is prohibited.
  • Sketching in lead pencil or charcoal is permitted in the galleries on paper not exceeding 12”x18” in size. Registration is required for copying works of art in any media. Additional regulations apply. Registration Form and regulations
  • All coats that are not worn, backpacks, briefcases, shopping bags, and umbrellas must be left in the coat room. Large items and luggage are not permitted in the coat room. The Hispanic Society is not responsible for any damage, losses, or thefts of personal property left in the coat room.
  • Non-service animals, scooters, skateboards, skates and Segway Human Transporters are not permitted.
  • There are no food services available.